Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | June 10, 2010

Movin’ on up!

Several months ago, in March, we announced that the Seven Isles sim (currently classified as a Homestead sim) would soon upgrade to a so-called full sim.  Finally, after many agonising delays, the upgrade is in motion!

The reason behind the decision to upgrade the Seven Isles is largely because of Linden Lab’s planned increase in tier for Homestead sims.  Previously, grandfathered Homestead sims (such as the Seven Isles and Isle of Brenn) cost US$95 in tier every month.  Starting in July 2010, Linden Lab will raise that cost to US$125.  For this additional cost, LL will provide no additional benefits.  Keeping the Seven Isles and Isle of Brenn sims as they are, as Homesteads, would cost a total of US$250 every month after July.  By comparison, monthly tier cost for one full sim is US$295 every month.  There was a clear majority of support for the decision to upgrade the Seven Isles sim when the issue was brought before the Seven Isles Facebook group, possibly because of the benefits of upgrading to a full sim.  Consider these possible benefits:

  • Full sims generally have better performance and less lag than Homesteads.
  • Full sims are able to accommodate up to 70 or 100 avatars on the sim (the maximum is 20 for Homesteads).
  • Full sims have four times the available prims that Homesteads do (15,000 prims versus 3,750).
  • With more available prims, Seven Isles residents would be able to rent more prims for their own homes.
  • Also because more prims are available, rental rates per prim may decrease.

The downside to upgrading is that the Isle of Brenn would be traded in as part of the upgrade cost.  However, having only one sim on which to roleplay can be beneficial, as it means players are not as spread out (there is a greater chance of encountering other players who are on the sim).  In preparation for the trade-in of the Isle of Brenn, its important structures have already been moved to the Seven Isles.  This includes the Brenn & Barrel Inn (tavern), the lighthouse, and the market.  The market is on a sky platform that also houses a new landing point for the sim, where all information about the Seven Isles can be obtained in one place before teleporting down to the ground.  Hopefully such an arrangement will allow new visitors the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the Seven Isles ‘ theme, customs, and rules before entering the actual land.  Please note that this will mean the landing point/sky platform area is an out-of-character area and therefore themed dress is not enforced (visitors should wear something, but we’re not picky about what they choose to wear).

Thank you for your enthusiasm about the sim upgrade!  We Elders have been looking forward to this for so long, and we are so thrilled that it is coming to fruition.  Please be patient as we work to finalise the upgrade, and as the Seven Isles shifts and changes to accommodate the incoming structures from the Isle of Brenn.  This will all hopefully provide a better roleplay environment and more living options for all Citizens.  Hooray!



  1. “To a penthouse apartment, in the sky…” = Now offering skybox homes.

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