Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | July 3, 2010

Where Is Everything?!

The Seven Isles upgraded to a full sim, suddenly it is an island floating alone in the sea, and almost everything is in a different place!  Hopefully this post will help you make sense of the new layout of the Seven Isles.  **Important Note!  While the sim is technically functional at this point, many areas are still under construction.  Thank you for your patience while the Elders continue setting up, and please enjoy yourselves!**

The Landing Area: The default landing point of the Seven Isles is now on a platform in the sky (cleverly disguised as not being a sky platform at all!) which houses the information centre, the Market, and the Lounge.  The landing point was forced (meaning anyone teleporting into the Seven Isles first arrived at the designated landing point), to give everyone time to get familiar with the landing area.  But now teleport routing is off as usual.  I hope everyone had time to acquaint themselves with the Landing Area!  Check back often, as it is constantly being improved.

Please note that, for roleplay purposes, the entire Landing Area sky platform is an OoC zone (out-of-character).  Relax and be yourself!  Modern apparel is permitted, and it is basically a “come as you are” attitude in this area (though please observe sim rules).  You may be in-character if you prefer, just keep in mind that others around you may not—and need not—be in-character.

The Lounge: This is a multi-purpose room that gets redecorated for every out-of-theme dance event on the Seven Isles.  The Lounge is on its own separate parcel within the sim, which means that when the music stream changes for an out-of-theme event, only the Lounge parcel will hear the music, and the music on the rest of the sim will continue uninterrupted.  Hopefully this will eliminate any roleplay distractions previously caused by out-of-theme music on the sim stream!

When there are no events in progress, we hope to have the Lounge set up as a relaxing social spot for people to hang out in a natural environment as is found on the sim at ground-level.  This way, those who are not interested in roleplaying can still hang out with their friends in beautiful Seven Isles surroundings.

The Market: Income from the Seven Isles Market helps pay the sim’s tier, keeping the Seven Isles alive!  So the next time you feel like shopping, make the Market your first stop.  The Market is especially helpful for new members who want to buy clothing or avatars to fit the theme of the Seven Isles.

Information Centre/Help Centre: The landing point itself should dispense an information notecard the first time anyone lands on it.  If further help or assistance is required, there are several photo frames on the wall around the landing point which tell the online status of the Seven Isles Guides and Elders.

That sums up the Landing Area sky platform.  Now let’s review changes and additions to the sim at ground-level.

The Seven Isles at ground-level is an IC zone (in-character), which means that visitors and Citizens are asked to be in-character as much as possible while in the area.  If you prefer to explore the land out-of-character (OoC, or not roleplaying), please respect those who are roleplaying.  Try not to distract them or cause them to break character.  Remove your titler and roleplay metre while you are OoC.  Keep in mind that some roleplayers may publicly ignore bystanders who are OoC, so use private IMs if you are OoC and wish to talk to someone who is roleplaying.

Brenn & Barrel Inn: The tavern of the Seven Isles is now located on the shore near the fishing dock.  Enjoy a drink, socialise with other characters, and try your hand at some of the games in the tavern (Greedy Greedy, darts, and arm-wrestling).  Upstairs you will find rooms for rent, if your character needs lodging while in town.  Behind the Brenn & Barrel Inn you will also find the archery range.

The Lighthouse/Mages’ Tower: The lighthouse from the Isle of Brenn has been relocated to the far shore of the lake.  Now it is not merely a lighthouse, but also serves as a mages’ tower as well!  On the ground floor, you will find a library where scholars and mages can study the old writings.  The second floor of the lighthouse is the alchemists’ laboratory, where science meets magic!  And on the third floor you will find the wizards’ workshop, where mages can practise their spells.  **This is all still quite heavily under construction!**

Drum Circle and Gypsy Camp: You will now find the drum circle on higher ground, across the rope bridge from the graveyard.  Moreover, a band of nomads has set up camp around it!  You will find the colourful tents and caravans you remember from long ago on the Isle of Brenn.  If you are so inclined, you may even make your home there!

Underwater: Dive into the lake and feast your eyes on the treasures that lie in the deep!  The merfolk of the Isles have a beautiful world of their own, and they are so eager to share it with everyone.  Be sure to pay them a visit!  And if you feel like staying a while, feel free to move into one of the underwater cave homes.

Hopefully this has been a useful guide to the Seven Isles sim upgrade.  Check back often, as there are still a few more plans we have yet to set into motion.  Explore and enjoy!


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