Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | November 23, 2010

The Sky’s the Limit!

When someone rents a home or market space on the Seven Isles, income from that rental directly pays the sim’s monthly tier fees.  The single greatest way someone can help the Seven Isles continue to exist is to rent.  But did you ever face the dilemma where you want to help the Seven Isles but you don’t exactly want to live in a tent or a dirt cave?  Do you have a lovely house in your inventory that you’d like to use, but it would clash with the sim’s theme?  Then look to the skies, my friend!

A contemporary Second Life house

Would you like to live on the Seven Isles, but in a house like this?

When you rent a skybox home, just about any building in your inventory could be your house–a castle, a spaceship, an airship, a log cabin, you name it!  Skybox homes are not bound by the theme of the Seven Isles.  You have plenty of options.  We provide a 100 x 100m platform, and you can supply the rest!  One individual may rent up to 400 prims for use in his or her own home, and just look at these photos to get a sense of scale.

Two examples of the 100m2 platform

(Click image to view larger)

Note:  by default, skybox platforms are totally invisible.  For the purpose of these photos, the platform was given a grassy texture.  If you’d like a texture for your platform, simply ask an Elder.  The green hills in the second photo are not included with the skybox home rental, but show an example of how a platform could look.  The green hills (and many other types of sculpted terrains) are available for L$1500 (for medium size) from Landscapes Unlimited.  Please let an Elder know if you plan to use one of these terrains, as it requires a special set-up before you move into your skybox home.

A gypsy caravan in a natural skybox

The same wagon you'd find on the ground, now in a private skybox!

Perhaps you do like the tents, caves, and wagons available on the ground level, but you simply prefer the privacy of a skybox.  In that case, we have already-made skyboxes just waiting for you to move in!  These homes are less customisable than a home you provide yourself, but just let an Elder know if you’d like a texture changed here or there, and we’ll see what we can do for you.  Furthermore, since these homes are the same as those found at ground level, we do not charge rent for the prims used by the build itself!  Choose from a wagon, tent, or cave… or perhaps you’d be more interested in your own beautiful treehouse!

A treehouse skybox from the outside

View from outside a treehouse skybox home

These treehouses are unlike any home you’ll find on the ground level of the Seven Isles sim.  They are not furnished (add your own furniture) and slightly customisable.  For instance, residents are able to change the foliage texture of the tree to suit the season or their mood.  Contact an Elder if you’d like to change the texture of the sky dome, mountain terrain, etc. and we will do our best to accommodate your preferences.

Because treehouses are property of the Seven Isles, the prims used by the treehouse itself do not count as prims you rent.  However, there is a flat L$50/week base fee for renting a treehouse as-is.  Prims you use are added into that rental cost at the usual rate.


Suzanne's treehouse from the outside

The home of Suzanne SpiritWeaver (click image to view larger)

Ask Corinda Taurus, Eacen Taurus, or Chernobyl Rasmuson if you have any questions about renting a skybox in the Seven Isles.  There is a helpful notecard entitled “General Rental Information – The Seven Isles” that includes all of the specific guidelines about renting homes and market spaces.


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