Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | November 28, 2010

Trim the Yule Tree

The Seven Isles' Yule TreeIt is the beginning of the Yule season.  Snow covers the ground, snowflakes drift toward us from above, and our tree stands majestic and beautiful!  Today we celebrate the coming of Yule by dancing and singing around the tree.  Everyone is welcome to make merry with us in the spirit of the approaching holiday season!

Let us also come together as a community to decorate our Yule tree.  Ornaments are available for L$50 each, and every sale goes directly into the funds that maintain the Seven Isles.  There are several types of ornaments and gift boxes (as shown below), and all of these can be personalised with your own name or holiday message.  To write, for example, “Seasons Greetings from Pedro” on your ornament, simply put it on the ground and say this in local chat:

write Seasons Greetings from Pedro

You can edit this message as desired until you are satisfied with it.  Once you are finished, just hang it anywhere on the tree and there you have it!

There is no limit to how many ornaments you may buy and hang on the tree, so go nuts!  Every ornament has Copy permissions, so you may also keep a copy of every ornament for use on your own tree at home if you like.  Have a safe and happy Yule!

Seven Isles Yule Ornaments

(click to view larger)


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