Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | December 14, 2010

Gingerbread House Contest

The gingerbread house building contest begins Monday the 13th of December, and ends at noon (SL-time) on Sunday the 19th.  The Seven Isles Elders will judge the entries, and the chosen winner will have his/her house displayed on the sim at the top of the waterfall.

Gingerbread Kit

Some pieces of the gingerbread house building kit

Even if you are not a builder…
…you can do this!!

Contestants will use a gingerbread house building kit (provided by Chernobyl Rasmuson) to build their houses.  It’s easy!  Just put the pieces together, just like in real life!

You can get the building kit at the location of the contest platforms, or just ask Chernobyl nicely.

Below is an example of a gingerbread house built entirely from parts of the building kit.  Of course, you can add your own decorations and furnishings.  Just the main structure of the house needs to be made from the kit.

Gingerbread House

An example house built solely from parts in the building kit (click to view larger)

Available Platform

Choose an available platform, and buy the gingerbread man in front of it (for L$0).

To join the contest, find a platform that is marked “Available Platform”.  (Every platform is marked by a gingerbread man in front of it, with floating text.  See the picture on the left.)
Buy the available gingerbread man for L$0.  Then open its script and write your name instead of “Available Platform”.

You may join the contest at any time!  Houses must be completed before 12 noon on Sunday the 19th.
Seven Isles staff members* are permitted to compete!
*Except Elders.  Elders may build houses, but they are not eligible to win.
The winner of the contest will be announced in a Group Notice after 12 noon on Sunday the 19th of December.
The winning gingerbread house will be displayed on the sim until the 6th of January 2011.
Good luck to all!

Wondering how to get to the building contest?  Follow the path in the Market (see the picture below) or just follow this link!

Gingerbread Contest Area

Follow the Market path to the south

For complete contest rules, click the “Read More…” link below.

1. The entire house should stay within the boundaries of the 12x16m building platform.  Houses should not be more than 30 metres tall (including all parts).

2.  Walls, floor, roof, door, and windows of the house MUST be made of parts from the building kit.  You may add your own parts, but the basic structure of the house must be built from the kit provided.

3.  You may make ONLY the following modifications to parts from the building kit:
– resize (stretch) parts
– hollow, path cut, twist, taper, skew, etc.
– tint (colour) the textures of building parts
– adjust texture repeat and offset
– add Full Bright, Glow, or transparency
– add scripts (including sound or particle scripts)
– add light features
Please DO NOT change the original texture of the parts you use.

4.  You may furnish and decorate the house with items you provide (even items created by another person).  Gingerbread houses are just for decoration, though, and do not need to be functional.

5.  Maximum of 70 prims for the entire house + decorations.

6.  If your house is chosen as the winner, you will need to link it all together and take a copy of it to the top of the waterfall.

Thank you, good luck, and happy holidays!


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