Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | January 5, 2011

Yule Memories

Tomorrow we will say farewell to the Yule season, and our magnificent Yule tree.  We will take down our stockings, heaped with gifts from generous friends.  And we will long cherish our memories of Yule with family and friends.

Winning Gingerbread House

Captain Givreroux (Anthemei Firehawk) won the Gingerbread House Building Competition! Here is her masterpeice displayed atop the waterfall.

Yule Feast

Enjoying a Yule banquet (click to view larger)

Candle Procession 1

After the banquet, Korinda and Cherno led a candlelight procession to the Yule tree.

Candle Procession 2

Friends holding candles, gathered around the Yule tree.

Yule Tree Dance

Dancing around the Yule tree, decorating as we go.

Yule Skating

Skating afterwards. And yes, there was a snowball fight!

Thank you to everyone for making this holiday season so bright and merry!


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