Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | February 2, 2011


Thorrablot Invitation

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Even if a burrowing rodent says Spring is just around the corner… Winter is not over just yet!  This is the Old Norse month of Þorri (Thorri)—the coldest and harshest Winter month.  And that means it’s time to celebrate the way the Vikings once did (and still do, in some places!) with a Þorrablót (Thorrablot)!!

We will gather in the Brenn & Barrel Inn at 1 pm SL-time this Saturday, the 5th of February, for our Þorrablót.  Cherno has made a Þorrabakki (Thorrabakki) for everyone, which is a traditional deep wooden tray from which our meal will be eaten.  Without silverware.


Þorrabakki, or Thorrabakki, full of traditional Nordic food

Although Cherno will be hosting this Þorrablót as her RL-husband’s avatar Styrmir Djúpauga (Thor.Freenote), she will still provide musical entertainment, an epic playlist of haunting Icelandic folk songs which lead up to a finale of Icelandic (and Faroese) folk metal.  Strong drink will be provided and encouraged!

There is no dress code for this feast.  Come as you are! All ages welcome, even the youngest.  For as a popular old Icelandic lullabye teaches us, it is never too soon to introduce a child to the horrors and cruelties of the world.


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