Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | March 26, 2011

Disaster on the Isles, part II

(Parlez-vous français? Lire cet article sur le Journal de la Capitaine Givreroux – en français!)

On another evening, Cern and Cherno saw Willow swimming around the new waterfall in the canyon.  Willow was joined by Korinna and a satyr named Oak.  Cern suggested that they were probably investigating the underwater ruins in that area, which he could see from where they were standing, despite the darkness of night.  Cherno was unaware of any underwater ruins, and wanted a closer look, so she dove into the river from the rope bridge.  Cern left to find a rowboat, and overcame his fear of water and boats for the sake of getting a closer look at the ruins, too.

Cherno and Cern watch the others swimming in the canyon.

Cherno and Cern want a closer look at the underwater ruins.

Underwater ruins

Willow underwater with the ruins

It appeared that the force of the new waterfall had worn away the ground, exposing some broken marble columns that had previously covered by sand.  No one knew quite what to make of it, but it did raise questions about what might have been constructed there long ago.

The next day, Cherno told a young boy named Satyroi about all the mysterious things that had been happening recently, and he was determined to use his detective skills to find more clues and hopefully solve the mystery.  Wanting to play along, Cherno led Satyroi to the amphitheatre where she had previously seen a very scratched old brick.  She asked him what he thought about the scratches on the brick, and to her surprise, Satyroi said they were actually carved letters.  He couldn’t pinpoint the language, but with his detective skills, he did conclude that there was indeed a message chiseled into the brick.

Carvings on a brick in the theatre stage

In the middle of the night, the Seven Isles experienced its third natural disaster.  Strong storm winds blew in, tossing tents into the air and bending the mightiest trees.  Debris and clutter ended up on the north side of the island, and all the trees leaned toward the north.  The tallest trees caught the most wind, and ended up leaning at the most dramatic angles.  Smaller trees were less affected.

Trees leaning after a violent wind storm

The wine tent flew away, perhaps straight into the sea.  And the smithy/pottery shed was in shambles after the violent wind storm.  By late morning, the high winds had ceased, but the damage left behind still remains.

The smithy and pottery shed in shambles

The smithy and pottery shed destroyed by wind, and debris floating in the water

All of this left Seven Isles citizens shaken, fearful, and confused.  Why is this happening?  When will it end?  Is there anything we can do to stop these natural disasters?  Will it ultimately destroy everything?  Is there no hope?

To be continued.



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