Posted by: Djedet | April 5, 2011

Spell Fire Metre: So Easy, A Cave Baby Can Do It!

This, is Kraneia.  She is a baby, and she lives in a cave.

She wants to show you that Spell Fire (while intimidating for some) is so easy, even a cave baby can do it. Let’s toddle along with her, step by step.

Please note,  this tutorial is graphic intensive, and you may need to allow it time to load. It is recommended you click on the images to see the full detail.

The first thing Kraneia must do is obtain her metre.  There are many places on the grid to get one, and the easiest is right in the Isles itself.

She finds it at the landing point.  Click the blue box with the Seven Isles Logo to receive your metre.

As you can see the metre is free!  And rather than having to rez and unpack a box, this ends up in a folder in your inventory.

Click on the recent items tab in your inventory, and you will see it.

Right click the item titled )<SF>( Spell Fire Meter and wear it. It attaches to the right shoulder automatically.  This is unlikely to remove any of your existing avatar attachments.

Next, right click the item titled )<SF>( Spell Fire HUD and wear it. It should appear in the upper left hand corner of your screen.

Kraneia has found a quiet spot to set up her meter, this may also help you feel less overwhelmed by the process.

As you can see above, She is wearing the metre over her head, and the Spell Fire HUD is blue. It is already working, and tells us that she is “Alive.”   Around the outside of the blue circle are the following words (clockwise from the top):

– ?   (help)
– Title
– Race
– Alignment
– Sound
– Color
– Reset

For the purposes of simplicity in this tutorial, we will focus on Title, Race, Sound, and Colour. (Alignment deserves an entry of its own, and will be covered later.)

The Title area is a place where you can specify something about your character.  If you are unsure what to put there, you may skip this step.  Or, if you change your mind, it can easily be changed later by repeating the process described here.

When you click on the metre, it will chime, and  )<Changing Meter>( will appear over your head, along with a timer that indicates how long the scripts are listening for your input. Don’t worry, if you do not complete this in time, or complete it incorrectly, you can just repeat the process until you get it right.

Since Kraneia is just a baby, and the Spell Fire Metre is set for adults, she clicks on “Title” and then types her chosen title into local chat.  You will see the result in the next picture.

Kraneia must now select her Race.

A menu will come up that will help you determine the race or species of your character. The metre and HUD work together to automatically determine the physical statistics for you.  The menu offers two buttons for races. Race Set 1 covers general and common species,  while Race Set 2 offers more specific or uncommon species.  You may have to view each of these menus in order to find the closest race to yours that you can.

Kraneia is a Epimeliad, and could have selected “Nymph” from Race Set 1, but decided that “Dryad” from Race Set 2 was a little closer and more specific, since Epimeliad is not available.  In the next picture you will see her successful race selection, as we cover the next step; Sound.

While wearing the Spell Fire metre, your character will make sounds while performing certain actions such as healing or receiving damage when injured.

When you click “Sound” on the HUD, a menu pops up.  From the menu, choose the sound set that would most adequately suit your character’s gender and species.

Once again, there is no option for a child or baby,  so Kraneia does her best in selecting the most appropriate sound available.  This will not show up on her metre, so do not panic if nothing changes on yours. You can even turn these sounds off if none suit your fancy, but that is not recommended, since the sound is often the quickest way to notice that you’ve taken damage.  Kraneia would rather sound like a grown-up lady when she is in pain, instead of potentially causing herself more damage if there is no sound to notify her that she’s hurt.

A note on Colour: By Default, the Spell Fire Metre is white.  There are more Colour options, but in the Seven Isles, all Player Characters must use white as their Colour. If, for some reason, your Colour is not white, click “Colour” on the HUD and select “White” from the menu. If you select a different colour, you will be instructed to change it.

The most basic essentials of Kraneia’s Meter are already done!

Most characters will be able to role-play now, even with the default setting for Alignment (which, as mentioned before, will be covered in the another entry).

There are certain circumstances where a standard metre setup just isn’t enough.  In Kraneia’s case, the Food and Stamina ratings are just too high for someone who must eat and sleep as often as she does.
Even though she would be allowed to play with her metre set as is, she really wants to be more specific.  This is where the included )<SF>( Spell Fire Races 1.7 1 notecard comes in handy.  It can be found in the same folder as her meter, and to open it all she has to do is double click it.

After she scans through the list, she determines that the Demon race has stats that are low in Stamina and Food. It isn’t what she wants, so reluctantly she changes her race to “Demon” by following the same steps she used to select her race earlier.  Naturally, she does not want to be mistaken for a Demon, so she also repeats the process in setting her title.

There, it isn’t perfect but it will have to do. The title on her metre (along with that angelic face) should indicate to others that she is not a demon. If your chosen racial statistics are not available, this step is recommended as an alternative option.

The next installment on the Spell Fire Metre will cover Alignment.  It is a topic that is often very intimidating to newer players, but it does not need to be.

So please check back soon!


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