Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | April 12, 2011

Leahcim Renrut’s Speech

Before you a spirit rises from the center of the floor carving and stares into your eyes with a power that feels like he is looking right into your soul.  He then speaks with a voice that has a sound like the wind though the trees of the Isles, the tones that you hear are as cold and dusty as the old cellar that you stand in  ….

The ghost of Leahcim Renrut

“I am proud of you all.  I had worried, with my work unfinished, that the God Year would turn and the magic would fail, and if that happened all would fall inexorably into Darkness….” The sepulchral voice fades and then rises again ……

…..”I am Leachim Renrut, Mage of these Isles and the sworn protector of the Magical Legacy here.  You have almost fulfilled the task that was before you and renewed the shrines and gathered the seven shards of the Heart Stone. ….

….You must now assemble it in its rightful place above the Altar of the Temple, to allow the God Clock to turn for another God Year.  Once the Clock has been reset, things will slowly return to almost normal here.…..

…..Dark waters will slowly retreat, fire will cool and trees will flourish and the trembling in the earth will calm like a sleeping babe after a bad dream.  The birds and beasts will return and the balance will be restored”.… The voice fades for a moment…

…and then returns…. “You came so, so close to losing everything…..  These lands were once known as the Eight Isles.  Eight green stars set in an azure sky, but the God Pact was ignored, and at the end of the last God Year the Eighth Isle was taken back by the sea.  The dark waters rose and didn’t stop rising until all that remained was the tip of the highest mountain poking from above the bay….

….Much beauty and learning was lost when the Eighth Isle fell. I lost my home and my much of my will to live when the sea took back what she had given up.  However I saved what learning I could and brought it here and rebuilt my life and library anew in this sea watch tower.  The Eighth Isle Died in fire, wind, water, and the earth ripping itself to pieces in anger, because those who lived there–out of pride and hubris–decided to ignore the pact made with those who dedicated these lands. A pact to protect and maintain the shrines…

….Since the falling of the Eighth Isle, I spent my life preparing for the end of the next God Year, striving to prevent these Seven Isles from dying in shadow, flame, despair and betrayal…..  I foresaw these times, and knew I would not be here to assist you in body, due to my prophesied betrayal and murder, so I scattered the Shards of the Heart Stone to protect it.  The Spell to summon the dancing lights could only be activated by a person who called the Isles home.….

….Which kept them safe from the wicked ones who came to eradicate me, my thoughts, and my works, who hoped that it would also lead to the destruction of the Isles and thus the elimination of all Magic.  I knew I was going to die by their hands, and so when they came, I lay there and accepted my end, trusting to the Fates and Gods to protect the Isles and continue my legacy here….

….Those who killed me are of a fundamental religious sect from across the ocean.  They follow one God who abhors any use of magic, calling it a ‘dark art’.  They regard all creatures of mythical descent as lesser races.  These Isles were set aside by the Old Gods as a refuge for the Chosen Peoples, the fauns and satyrs, the fae-folk, the centaurs, the nymphs and dryads, The troll folk, the sirens and merfolk, the dragon-kin, the lycans, and the shape-shifters”.….

The voice of the dead mage fades in and out again but returns strongly. “ ……In return for this safe haven, however, you were charged with protecting the Seven Shrines to the Seven Spheres of Magic.  The Shrines of Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Spirit, Mind and Body Magic.….

…….This you must do.  The Gods have been patient until now but it may not be wise to test their patience further.  Go now and finish the task that is before you.  And when the Shrines are restored, each of you may ask for a blessing from one Shrine.  Now, after many centuries, I am tired and want to return to my rest.…..   You have done ……well….”

The shadowy figure of the dead mage fades slowly and the last you hear of his long dead voice is as soft sigh of satisfaction of a job well done.



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