Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | April 14, 2011

Disaster on the Isles, Epilogue

(Parlez-vous français? Lire cet article sur le Journal de la Capitaine Givreroux – en français!)

After their troubles had ended, the Citizens of the Seven Isles worked to repair what the forces of Nature could not.  Trees, lava, fissures, and waters took care of themselves, while Citizens cleared rubble, repaired buildings, and moved their belongings back into their homes.

Korinna rebuilds her pottery

For those who had lost their workplaces, new ones were built.  The sinkhole was found to make a very ideal well, and a pottery shed and smithy were built around it.  In fact, the site of the collapsed cave and the well made quite a convenient location for all the local artisans.  And so, booths and stalls were gradually built for the basket weavers, fletchers, bakers, farmers, tailors, and so on.

The well in the Village Green

The old wood of the kids’ clubhouse was scrapped in exchange for new and stronger wood.

The new treehouse, with lava cooling in the background

Wine barrels were brought back down to the wine tent from their temporary location in the amphitheatre.

Barrels in the wine tent

Once daily life was reestablished on the Isles, Citizens began work on restoring the seven Shrines.  The will o’ wisps now danced around the locations of every Shrine simultaneously, where they had previously only revealed one at a time.

The site of the Body Shrine was thought to be very shrine-like on its own, and so nothing further was built in or around it.








Likewise, the Shrine of Spirit Magic was already quite well marked by the angel statue.









An ornamental Third Eye was commissioned to mark the location of the Shrine of Mind Magic.  In the centre of the Third Eye is a mirror, widely believed by many to have mystical powers.







At the peak of the Old Waterfall, where one can catch a birds-eye view of the whole island, a glass spire was built to mark the Air Shrine.








Just above the underwater ruins, where the will o’ wisps revealed the Shrine of Water Magic, an everlasting fountain of ceramic vessels pouring into one another was built.







A simple yet symbolic stone circle was built to mark the Earth Shrine, at the base of the volcano where new earth was born.








And at the top of the volcano, where heat and smoke once spouted, a large torch was placed to mark the Shrine of Fire Magic.  Additionally, a spiral ramp was built to make it easier to reach the top.







Seven stained-glass windows and seven marble altars of different colours were commissioned and imported to complete the Temple of All Magic.

The Shrines and Temple have been restored.  The God Pact has been completely fulfilled.  All that remains now is to maintain these sacred places, ensuring that Magic stays strong.  May the Citizens of the Seven Isles never again stray from their divine purpose.



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  2. Xai’re! Our land is restored and renewed. May it protect and nourish us through the end of our days!

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