Posted by: Djedet | April 5, 2011

Spell Fire Metre: So Easy, A Cave Baby Can Do It!

This, is Kraneia.  She is a baby, and she lives in a cave.

She wants to show you that Spell Fire (while intimidating for some) is so easy, even a cave baby can do it. Let’s toddle along with her, step by step.

Please note,  this tutorial is graphic intensive, and you may need to allow it time to load. It is recommended you click on the images to see the full detail.

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Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | April 2, 2011

Disaster on the Isles, part IV

One day, Satyroi rushed to tell Korinna about something he found in the graveyard.  As they both ran past the vineyard, Cherno ran after them, to see what was the matter.  When they got to the cemetery, Satyroi pointed at a thistle-coloured fragment of what appeared to be ceramic tile.

Satyroi shows Cherno and Korinna the shard

Mysterious shard under the will o' wisps in the cemetery

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Posted by: Djedet | April 2, 2011

The Skinny on Spell Fire in The Seven Isles

Every once in a while, we get a questions about why our “no-combat sim*” finds it necessary to use the Spell Fire meter system.  It can be hard to explain these reasons in an IM, without sounding overly demanding, so I hope this will help people understand why.

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Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | March 31, 2011

Disaster on the Isles, Part III

(Parlez-vous français? Lire cet article sur le Journal de la Capitaine Givreroux – en français!)

Despite the turmoil on the Seven Isles, citizens bravely stuck together and helped one another rebuild.  The wine tent flew away in the wind storm and could not be retrieved, so Cherno purchased a new tent and erected it with the help of friends and even strangers.

Setting up a new tent

Cherno sets the rolled-up tent canvas on the ground, and everyone grabs a tent pole.

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Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | March 26, 2011

Disaster on the Isles, part II

(Parlez-vous français? Lire cet article sur le Journal de la Capitaine Givreroux – en français!)

On another evening, Cern and Cherno saw Willow swimming around the new waterfall in the canyon.  Willow was joined by Korinna and a satyr named Oak.  Cern suggested that they were probably investigating the underwater ruins in that area, which he could see from where they were standing, despite the darkness of night.  Cherno was unaware of any underwater ruins, and wanted a closer look, so she dove into the river from the rope bridge.  Cern left to find a rowboat, and overcame his fear of water and boats for the sake of getting a closer look at the ruins, too.

Cherno and Cern watch the others swimming in the canyon.

Cherno and Cern want a closer look at the underwater ruins.

Underwater ruins

Willow underwater with the ruins

It appeared that the force of the new waterfall had worn away the ground, exposing some broken marble columns that had previously covered by sand.  No one knew quite what to make of it, but it did raise questions about what might have been constructed there long ago.

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Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | March 26, 2011

Disaster on the Isles, part I

It started when the snow was melting and birds were choosing their mates.  The highest peak in the Seven Isles began fuming.  After a couple days of this, it exploded like a terrifying fireworks display.  Lava spilled out and poured down the mountainside, marching toward the water where it cooled in a deafening hiss of steam.

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Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | March 18, 2011

Our 2nd Anniversary in Pictures

2nd Anniversary Fireworks

Happy 2nd Anniversary to the Seven Isles

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Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | February 20, 2011

The Marriage of Fadrienne and Thyul

Fadrienne and Thyul Wedding Ceremony

On Saturday the 19th of February, Dr Fadrienne Hahroesh and Thyul Ma’thyu were wed under the full moon.  The ceremony was attended by their friends in the Seven Isles and officiated by Cherno Hazelnut.

It began with a wedding feast prepared by a friend of Haruk’s.  Exotic wine was imported from elven lands for the occasion, and it complemented the meal nicely.

Fadrienne and Thyul Wedding Dinner 2

Fadrienne and Thyul Wedding Dinner Couple

The happy couple dining together before the ceremony

The wedding party and guests then headed up the hill for the ceremony, conducted under the great willow tree.  Full transcript of the ceremony is available after the cut.  Click “read more.”

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Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | February 2, 2011


Thorrablot Invitation

(Click to view larger)

Even if a burrowing rodent says Spring is just around the corner… Winter is not over just yet!  This is the Old Norse month of Þorri (Thorri)—the coldest and harshest Winter month.  And that means it’s time to celebrate the way the Vikings once did (and still do, in some places!) with a Þorrablót (Thorrablot)!!

We will gather in the Brenn & Barrel Inn at 1 pm SL-time this Saturday, the 5th of February, for our Þorrablót.  Cherno has made a Þorrabakki (Thorrabakki) for everyone, which is a traditional deep wooden tray from which our meal will be eaten.  Without silverware.


Þorrabakki, or Thorrabakki, full of traditional Nordic food

Although Cherno will be hosting this Þorrablót as her RL-husband’s avatar Styrmir Djúpauga (Thor.Freenote), she will still provide musical entertainment, an epic playlist of haunting Icelandic folk songs which lead up to a finale of Icelandic (and Faroese) folk metal.  Strong drink will be provided and encouraged!

There is no dress code for this feast.  Come as you are! All ages welcome, even the youngest.  For as a popular old Icelandic lullabye teaches us, it is never too soon to introduce a child to the horrors and cruelties of the world.

Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | January 5, 2011

Yule Memories

Tomorrow we will say farewell to the Yule season, and our magnificent Yule tree.  We will take down our stockings, heaped with gifts from generous friends.  And we will long cherish our memories of Yule with family and friends.

Winning Gingerbread House

Captain Givreroux (Anthemei Firehawk) won the Gingerbread House Building Competition! Here is her masterpeice displayed atop the waterfall.

Yule Feast

Enjoying a Yule banquet (click to view larger)

Candle Procession 1

After the banquet, Korinda and Cherno led a candlelight procession to the Yule tree.

Candle Procession 2

Friends holding candles, gathered around the Yule tree.

Yule Tree Dance

Dancing around the Yule tree, decorating as we go.

Yule Skating

Skating afterwards. And yes, there was a snowball fight!

Thank you to everyone for making this holiday season so bright and merry!

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