Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | June 25, 2011

Stained Glass and Promotions

Many people have noticed seven large stained-glass windows surrounding the amphitheatre recently.  Guess what?  Now you can buy those textures, and for just L$50!  (That’s less than the cost of uploading them all!)

L$50 for 7 stained-glass textures with full permissions.

You can find these textures for sale in the Seven Isles Curiosity Shop in our Market at the landing point.

Also new at the landing point…

Anthemei Firehawk and Bleizdu Irelund are now Guides.

Congratulations to Anthemei and Bleizdu on their promotion to Seven Isles Guides & Stewards! They lead by good example and are treasured members of the Seven Isles family.  It is also beneficial to have members of Seven Isles staff who are fluent in French.  Once again, welcome to the team!



  1. __ Art paper I have a few addictions and paper is one of them I love different textures and weights, I can always find a use for it.

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