(This information can be found in notecards available at the landing point of the Seven Isles sim in Second Life.)

This sim is a light fantasy roleplay sim catering mainly to mythological creatures and humans.  The Seven Isles roleplay does not adhere to any specific canon.
Before you teleport down to the ground, please dress appropriately for the theme of the sim (medieval/fantasy).  While at ground level, be respectful of those who are in-character.
Likewise, the landing point, Market, and Lounge are out-of-character zones, so players should respect those who are out-of-character in these areas.

Read more about Seven Isles Roleplay later on this page.
This sim is peaceful and safeChild avatars are welcomed and valued as part of our family.  The general attitude of the Seven Isles sim is one of tolerance, as we believe the strength of the Seven Isles lies in the diversity of its Citizens.  As such, we do not allow intolerance or discrimination based on race, sex, orientation, creed, nationality, physical ability, avatar appearance, or lifestyle choices.

Visitors to the Seven Isles sim are asked to abide by the sim rules (see the Rules page).  Visitors do not need to change their avatar or dress while in the landing area, Market, and Lounge, but are asked to do their best to dress in-theme before exploring the sim at ground level.  (There are freebies in green boxes to help visitors dress in-theme.)

**To become a member of The Seven Isles Group, please IM one of the Guides or Elders who are online.  (Their online statuses are displayed in photo frames at the landing point.)**


If you’d like to join The Seven Isles Group and become a Citizen of these lands, please contact one of the following staff.
– Anthemei Firehawk :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: speaks French
– Bleizdu Irelund  ::::::::::::::::::::: speaks French and English
– Suzanne SpiritWeaver  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: speaks English
– Icefyre Mistwalker  ::::::::::::::::: speaks Dutch and English
– Cern Glenwalker  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: speaks English
– Madalayne Madrigal  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: speaks English
– Annalisa Shepherd  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: speaks English
– Bull Lannock  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: speaks English

– Chernobyl Rasmuson :::::::::::: speaks English and Swedish
– Eacen Taurus  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: speaks English
– Corinda Taurus :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: speaks English
– TheSevenIsles Tierbal  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: speaks English


If you’re considering joining the Seven Isles (or have recently joined) and want to find clothes or an avatar to fit the theme, try browsing the Market conveniently located at the landing point of the Seven Isles.

Here you will find many merchants who offer products within the theme of the Seven Isles sim and roleplay.

There are also free avatars and outfits in green boxes at the landing point.


Seven Isles roleplay is generally friendly, magical, and centres around occupation and families.  Roleplayers are asked to wear their titler and roleplay metre (SpellFire) while in-character.  Events on the Seven Isles sim are NOT strictly in-character or in-theme.  We have many events that are out-of-character for a bit of lighthearted fun.  These are held in the OOC Lounge at the landing point.

The Seven Isles sim is NOT governed by kings, queens, princes, or princesses.  No characters play the roles of royalty, nobility, gods, other deities, or canon characters from any fictional work.  The Seven Isles sim is owned by a team of Elders, but while in-character, the Elders play common characters and do not need to be addressed formally.

If you’d like to join and participate in the roleplay on the Seven Isles sim, please complete a character application (available at the landing point).
**Please NOTE:  Your character will not be considered an official part of Seven Isles roleplay until your character application has been approved by an Admin.

**Until your character has been accepted into the roleplay, please avoid getting involved in plot-related roleplay.  Feel free to introduce your character to the other characters, but refrain from advancing or hindering any apparent roleplay plots.


The Seven Isles offers serveral types of dwellings and market stalls for rent, at a rate of L$3 per prim, per week and any number* of prims may be rented, depending on your need.  Please contact TheSevenIsles Tierbal or any sim Elder to make arrangements.
*Maximum of 400 prims available for rent to any one individual.


If you are a Citizen of the Isles with a blog of your own, we could add a link to your blog on the Seven Isles Blog webpage, if you like!  Contact an Elder to have your blog linked to the Seven Isles Official Blog.

The Seven Isles has a Facebook group!  Share photos, participate in group discussions, and get to know your friends in the Isles.  Group membership is by invitation only, so please request a Facebook group invitation from one of the following people in-world:
— Eacen Taurus
— Corinda Taurus
— Chernobyl Rasmuson

You will receive the invitation by e-mail, so please provide your e-mail address.  If you are making the request through Facebook itself (that is, not in SL), please let us know your SL name otherwise we may not accept your request if we don’t know who you are.

The Seven Isles also has a Flickr group.  If you have a Flickr account and upload any pictures taken on the Seven Isles sims, feel free to add them to the Seven Isles Flickr group!  Even if you don’t have a Flickr account, you can still browse the photos there.



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