!!! Welcome to the Seven Isles !!!

By entering the Seven Isles Second Life simulator (sim), you understand and agree to abide by these given rules and regulations and will not hold the owners of this sim, its legal participants, nor the sim stewards liable. You also agree that you are of legal age to enter mature sims, and understand that the theme here is that of a classical mythology/general fantasy relaxed role play simulation.  You furthermore agree that the owners of this sim and its legal participants defer onto the trespassing party all responsibility beyond this agreement, including but not limited to legal liabilities.

Please respect the rules of this sim, and it will help make it safe and enjoyable for everyone.

===1.  Basic Rules===
–No griefing.–  
Breaking this rule will result in ejection from the Seven Isles Group, and an immediate ban from the sim.  Griefing is defined as (but not limited to):
(a) Rezzing objects that play repeating sound, or that rez numerous other objects, ususally with physics enabled.
(b) Spamming the group chat or local public chat with repetitive sound, gestures, or text (includes talking tummies); irrelevant, disruptive, or disrespectful chat.
(c)  Requesting to “bite” anyone on this sim, as part of Bloodlines vampire roleplay HUD or any other similar function; this is considered spamming and will be treated as such.
(d)  Damage, alteration or removal of any property of the sim.  If found guilty the offender will face a permanent ban and ejection, and the appropriate report will be filed with Linden Lab, and possibly legal action.

Additional rules about rezzing items:
1) Please do not rez heavily scripted objects on the sim–even in a home you rent–or these items will be returned to you.  This includes breedable pets such as chickens, bunnies, turtles, Meeroos, etc.  Do not rez them, as they create lag for everyone on the sim.

2) Do not rez objects in empty dwellings available for rent on the sim.  This is unfair to the next tenant of that dwelling, as they then need to ask an Elder or Guardian to come remove your objects from their new home.

–No trespassing.–
Homes and dwellings are rented to Seven Isles Citizens, and these homes are considered privateDO NOT ENTER any home without being invited by the resident of that home (even if no one is in the home)!  Offenders may be banned from the sim.
Do not fly or teleport above 400m in the air unless you are specifically invited.  Citizens may rent private skyboxes above 400m, and unintentional visitors are not welcome in this area.
If it is unclear whether a structure is a home belonging to a Citizen or not, simply look for a box with floating text near the door.  The rental box will say whether the home is available or rented.  Do not enter rented homes without permission.

–No public sex.–
Do not engage in sexual acts in public.  This includes wearing sexual attachments or scripted sexual objects, using sexual poses and animations in public areas, typing sexual material in public chat or group chat, engaging in sexual acts on public voice chat, using sexual gestures, and anything else of a sexual nature in public.
If you rent a home on the Seven Isles sim, it is permitted to be naked and engage in sexual behaviour (except ageplay; see below) but make sure all the conversation (and poseball chat!) stays private.  Do not type in public chat or speak on voice in the public channel while engaged in sexual activities, even in your own home.

–No slavery.–  
This is NOT a Gorean role-play sim.  No treatment of persons as slaves/pets/submissives will be tolerated, Gorean or otherwise.  No slave clothing (Gorean silks, collars, restraints, slave papers), chat, gestures, animations (kneeling, etc.) or any other identifiable slavery roleplay will be tolerated.
No one will be ejected, banned, or otherwise discriminated against merely for participating in Gorean or slavery roleplay OUTSIDE of the Seven Isles sim.  However, while on the Seven Isles sim, no visitors or Citizens are slaves or masters.  Repeated failure to recognise this WILL result in ejection from the Seven Isles Group and a ban from the sim.

–No fetish play.–
Please keep your fetishes to yourself.  We know that virtually anything can be a fetish for some people, including mundane activities such as eating.  It is impossible to forbid every odd thing that could be a fetish, but please be considerate of others.  Public fetish displays can be regarded as sexual harassment or public sexual acts, even if intercourse does not appear to take place.  Furthermore, some fetishes are more obvious than others.  Therefore, avoid wearing, using, or gratuitously discussing the following:
– disproportionately large prim breasts or buttocks
– unrealistically large or numerous prim muscles
– particle rezzers that drip or squirt any bodily fluids (including milk)
– harnesses, gags, masks, handcuffs, and other bondage gear
– diapers that are scripted to chat

–Nudity is permitted conditionally.–  
It is permitted for males and females of all species to be fully or partially nude.  However, nudity should be:
tasteful, not pornographic
– part of historical or artistic style (think of neo-classical paintings)
species-appropriate (nymphs, fairies/fae, merfolk, etc. are commonly portrayed in the nude)

On this sim, you may encounter non-sexual nudity.  Therefore, the Seven Isles sim may not be suitable for people who are offended by nudity.

Prim genitals should NEVER be seen in public on this sim, except on feral (non-anthro) animals.  In the case of feral animals, genitals are permitted in sheathed or unaroused states ONLY.  In all other cases, visible sexual attachments (prim nipples, penises, labia) are only permitted in the privacy of your OWN home (or a home into which you were invited).
If you are concerned or have any questions about this, please contact one of our Elders.

EXCEPTION:  There are events (called “Skyclad dances“) where it is temporarily permitted to be completely nude, WITH visible sexual attachments (turn off scripts, please), during the event.  Skyclad dances are held in a spirit of liberty, purity, and oneness with Nature.  Skyclad dances are NOT sexual events, so please keep genital attachments in sheathed (unaroused) state during Skyclad dances.

===2.  Respect everyone.===
Whether or not you like someone, it is always important to be polite.  You do not need to agree with everyone, but don’t let disagreements turn into arguments or fights.  Citizens and visitors who pick fights or start drama with others will be ejected from the group.  If the misbehaviour continues, the offender will be banned from the sim as well.

–About sexual harassment.–
Sexual harassment will not be tolerated in the Seven Isles Group or on the sim.  Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to:
-asking someone to remove clothing and/or engage in sexual acts;
-using sexual gestures towards someone;
-using scripted/animated objects to perform sexual acts on someone unknowingly or without his/her consent;
-blackmailing someone with photographs or chat records;
-“flashing” someone (showing part or all of one’s naked body);
-making unwanted comments about parts of someone’s body;
-making sexual remarks about one’s own body or parts.

If you feel that you are being harassed, immediately tell the offender to stop.  If the sexual advances continue, report the incident to the first available Steward or Elder.  Repeated sexual harassment will result in ejection from the Group and a possible ban from the sim, depending on the severity of the incident.

The Seven Isles sim is a Mature sim, and therefore adult language may be used.  However, if the use of foul language is extreme, frequent, or disruptive, the offender may face ejection from the Group and possible banishment from the sim, depending on the severity of the incident(s).

–Bullying, Stalking, and Blackmailing–
All Citizens of the Seven Isles have the right to feel safe and free on this sim.  Do not use the Seven Isles Group chat or the Seven Isles sim to bully, stalk, or blackmail anyone.

If you feel that someone (a Citizen or otherwise) is threatening you or following you on the sim or in group chat, tell the Stewards and Elders of the Seven Isles Group.  There can be a lot of grey areas in situations like these, and therefore actions are determined on a case-by-case basis.  Offenders may find themselves ejected from the group and banned from the sim.

–Impersonation and Misrepresentation–
Do not impersonate staff positions of the Seven Isles or misrepresent yourself or the Seven Isles by the use of misleading titlers, group tags, or avatar names.  For example, use of the words “Elder”, “Steward”, “Guide”, or “Seven Isles/the Isles” in titlers or group tags causes confusion and would be considered an impersonation of Seven Isles management, unless you actually ARE a Guide or Steward.

Please do not make decisions on behalf of the Seven Isles sim, its Group, or its management staff unless you have specific permission from an Elder to do so.  As an example, do not make agreements for other communities to use the Seven Isles sim as their headquarters, or arrange for the Seven Isles to participate in a grid-wide hunt.  Only Elders have the authority to make major decisions such as this.

Furthermore, the creation of an alternate account, group tag, or display name similar to the names of any staff members of the Isles (for example EacenTaurus Sabretooth, Chernobyl Ronzales, or Corina Toros) with the intention of acting as or speaking for actual staff members is VERY prohibited.  These accounts will be ejected and banned immediately.

===3.  Soliciting, Begging, Selling, or Marketing===
(a)     No recruiting or soliciting for outside groups (using objects, chat, note cards, signs, etc.) without permission from the sim Elders.  If you have any questions about this, please ask an Elder.
(b)     Creating a group very similar to the Seven Isles Group, or as a branch of the Seven Isles and inviting Citizens to that group is prohibited.  Please talk to an Elder before creating any such group.
(c)     Begging for Linden dollars or items WILL result in ejection from the Seven Isles Group, regardless of circumstances.  If begging continues, the offender will then be banned from the sim.  This includes begging in person (privately or publicly) or in group chat.
(d)    Vendor operation (marketing, advertising, selling products) is ONLY allowed in marketplace areas that you rent, unless arrangements have been made with the sim Elders.  Do not advertise or sell products and services outside of the marketplace area.
(e)    For rental/spatial policy inquiries, contact one of our sim Elders for more information regarding renter rules, arrangement, and spatial premiums.
(f)    Wishing wells, tip jars, or other donation-themed objects are allowed only at the discretion of the estate managers and sim Elders.

===4.  Report offences to management.===
If someone breaks one of the above rules, alert a Steward or an Elder immediately (using Group Chat is quick and helpful).  If any conversation takes place with the offender (i.e. someone is begging for Linden dollars, or harassing someone), copy the conversation and paste it into a notecard.  Give this notecard to the nearest available Steward or Elder.

===5.  Ban decisions are final.===
The decision to ban avatars is made unanimously by the sim Elders.  If there has been some mistake or misunderstanding that lead to the unfair ban of an avatar, the Elders will reconsider and possibly reverse the ban.  However, the Elders’ decision is final.  It is prohibited to create alternate accounts to circumvent the ban, and these alternate accounts will be banned as well.

===6.  Child Avatars and Age Play===
(a)    Child avatars may be played conditionally. Child avatars are valued and permitted on a case-by-case basis subject to a written agreement that no sexual activity will be conducted using them, whether in or even apart from our roleplay.
(b)    No players who are underage per the SL TOS (terms of service) will be permitted.  Such players will be reported if suspected.
(c)    “Ageplay” is the roleplay or simulation of sexual acts involving minors. Ageplay is prohibited and will be reported to Linden Lab.

===7.  Privacy===
Each Citizen of the Seven Isles sim is entitled to his or her privacy, and to the protection of the sim, the Linden Lab TOS applies as well as the following:
(a)    No devices may be used to view or enter another Citizen’s residence in stealth mode for the purpose of spying or gaining information.  Offenders will face a permanent ban from the sim.
(b)    Remember that no place in SL is totally private.  Conversations can be heard through walls, floors and at a distance, and people can see into places using many means, so let that be your guide when seeking a bit of privacy.
(c)     Camera invasion of privacy, snapshot exposure of private quarters or private indoor places on rental/spatial property is prohibited.

===8.  Clean up after yourself.===
All Citizens are able to rez items on the sim, but please take them back into your inventory after you are finished with them or before you sign out.  Items left on the sim while you are not present will be returned to your Lost & Found folder by sim management.  If you want to add an item/building to the sim as a permanent contribution, please contact one of the Elders first.

If you rent and live in one of the dwellings on the sim, you are allowed to rez items within your home and garden and keep them there as long as you live there, as long as you are within your prim allowance, and as long as items placed outdoors are within the sim theme and violate no rules or regulations.  Please keep your outdoor objects close to the home you rent; do not attempt to “decorate” other areas of the sim with the prims you rent for your home.

===9.  Guidelines for RP on the Seven Isles===
The Seven Isles sim is a mostly safe, non-combative, relaxed, fantasy roleplay sim.  Roleplay tends to be occupation- and family-based.  Combat is only allowed in a designated arena or during scheduled, regulated battles.  Please do not use weapons, offensive spells, or attempt to battle other players except during designated combat events, which will be announced.  During times of peace, weapons should be kept sheathed except for target practise.

To keep the roleplay a little more realistic, flying is only allowed if you are a winged creature.

Seven Isles roleplay is not strictly based on any specific literary work, but is loosely based on classical Greek & Roman mythology and general fantasy (example: Forgotten Realms roleplay).  It is home to a variety of mythological and fantasy creatures.  Some things, however, would not fit in with the atmosphere of the sim.  This includes things like robots, aliens, vehicles, and modern technology.  Please keep this in mind when roleplaying on the Seven Isles sim.

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