Posted by: Cherno Hazelnut | May 22, 2011

New Look for the OOC Lounge

At the Seven Isles landing point, there are two exits to our Market and one exit to the “OOC Lounge” which was always meant to be a place where visitors and Citizens could relax and socialise out-of-character (that is, while not roleplaying).  The Lounge is on its own parcel too, so when OOC events are held where the music is not in theme, it will not disrupt the music on the majority of the sim.

Until now, the Lounge had been decorated for various different events—always an enclosed, indoor space.  But now, at last, the Lounge is a beautiful outdoor area with a tranquil 7Seas fishing pond, among other things.  It is hoped that the new natural look of the Lounge will give visitors and Citizens a taste of the beauty of the Seven Isles, without the need for them to dress in-theme or roleplay.

The 7Seas fishing that is currently at ground-level (on the docks outside the Brenn & Barrel Inn) will remain there as an in-character fishing spot.  The new fishing pond in the Lounge at the landing point is for OOC fishing, for example while hanging out with friends.

The Lounge is 95% finished, so please excuse any construction that may be done there in the near future.  Other than that, it is open to the public, so stop in there to have a look around!  Please respect anyone in the landing point (market, Lounge, art gallery) area who does not wish to roleplay, as it is an OOC zone.  Enjoy!


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